Museum of Czech Culture in Slovakia

The permanent exposition of the Museum of Czech Culture in Slovakia is dedicated to two important personalities, the original owners of the museum object, PhDr. Anna Horáková-Gašparíková and academician Jiří Horák. The author of the exhibition is PhDr. Eva Králiková, the author of the spatial design is academic painter Pavol Choma. It was opened in November 1999.

PhDr. Anna Horáková-Gašparíková (1896 – 1987), was one of the four daughters of Martin's nationalist and bookseller Jozef Gašparík-Leštinský. After studying history at Charles University in Prague, she became one of the first Slovak professional historians. She was a translator and editor, but most importantly she worked as the administrator of the personal archive of the first President of the Czechoslovak Republic Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk in 1928 – 1936.

Her husband, academician Jiří Horák (1884 – 1975), from Benešov (Czech Republic), was one of the most important representatives of Czechoslovak fokloristics, historian and bibliograph, author of many scientific works devoted to the history of science and Slovak folklore. In 1945 – 1946 he was the Czechoslovak ambassador to the USSR. It is the marriage, life and work of these two personalities that is dedicated to the permanent exhibition of this workplace. Their common life expresses the idea of cooperation between the Czech and Slovak nation in the conditions of a common Czechoslovak state.

The exposition is built in such a way that visitors can feel the atmosphere of „the old-Martin wake-up home" from the end of the 19th century. There The Horák´s family returned during the 1970s. The image of this period they reverently preserved and supplemented by many personal objects, a rich library, art works and family monuments. The creators of the exposition respected this intention and so the visit to the museum is an opportunity to get acquainted with the life and work of two prominent personalities and at the same time to obtain information on the history of the relationship between the Czech and Slovak people and their concrete cooperation.


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Museum of Czech Culture in Slovakia (Múzeum kultúry Čechov na Slovensku)
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