The Celts from Bratislava

from 15. 12. 2016 to 2. 5. 2023

The exihibition Celts from Bratislava offers to the visitors astonishing view to the past, to the times they lived in a territory of the city. It is the first ethnics known by their name living in our country. Besides lots of findings (for example deposits of coins) and interesting rendition of the exhibition, the visitors can see in underground spaces under the courtyard of Bratislava castle parts of antic architecture from 1st century B.C. The exhibition includes children line with interactive tasks.

More than 2000 years ago there was a Celtic city, so called oppidum, on the place of present day Bratislava. It used to be three times bigger than later medieval town. In the city center archeologists have found tons of artefacts and constructions from this historical period. The fndings from Bratislava Castle in the first place show how wealth of the oppidum. On the castle hill have been found house foundations of matchless luxury in very wide area. Residents of this buildings invited architects from roman empire to build for them houses comparable to those in Italy. Current reaserch shows us completely new wazs of interpretation of city history and also history of whole region. Celts brought to the territory of Slovakia new inventions as potters wheel or scissors. They were remarkably good at metal works and jewelry crafting. Celts were also first to mint they own coins on our territory, so called Biatecs, thus it became symbol of Slovak National Bank.

The exhibition is situated in basement of the Castle.