Reconstruction of Bratislava Castle

from 19. 6. 2012

The occasion of completion of partial reconstruction of the Bratislava castle represents a good opportunity for reminding of the events leading to the castle renewal. The exhibition entitled “Bratislava Castle Renewal” mainly presents events and activities connected with 20th century – the castle renewal, the performed archaeological and architectural research, the historic knowledge obtained, as well as major events taking place in the castle. The exhibition also mentions personalities contributing to preservation of the castle and extension of knowledge of its history (such as Professor Alfred Piffl, and many more). Knights´ Hall and adjacent rooms where the exhibition is installed symbolically connect the past and the present – it was these rooms where brief history and research of the castle were presented during the first reconstruction. At the same time the hall itself demonstrates results of research and conservation work as Knights´ Hall has undergone several reconstructions since 15th century up to the present. The exhibition is divided into various themes – brief history of the castle before 20th century, reconstruction efforts in the periods of the First Czechoslovak Republic (such as the proposal of D. Jurkovič to place the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Law to the castle building or the tender for the university campus), the first reconstruction in the latter half of 20th century connected with archaeological and architectural research, the period when the Bratislava castle housed the Slovak National Museum and the National Council of the Slovak Republic, as well as governmental events taking place in the castle.