SNM - Museum of History is CLOSED form 24th of October.


The Museum of History forms an important part of the complex of specialised museums of the Slovak National Museum. Its basic mission is to purposefully acquire, preserve, scientifically and professionally process, use and make available the museum collections, documenting the development of society in Slovakia from the Middle Ages until the present. In this context of the museum’s specialisation, it has a nationwide scope.

It also builds up, administers and processes a numismatic collection from the oldest times until the presence, collections documenting history and the ethno-cultural development of Slovaks living abroad. The Museum of History seated in Bratislava Castle administers and looks after a rich collection of objects.

The Museum of History administers almost 250 000 objects from the field of national history, arts, sculpting, painting, culture, traditional and artistic crafts, numismatics, ethnography, warfare, economy, the history of Slovaks living abroad and cultures outside Europe. Several collections of the museum are the largest in Slovakia (numismatics, historical and traditional textile, glass and ceramics, militaria, crafts, historical press, sacral and folk plastic and fine arts). Over the past years, objects in the collections have been stored in specialised collection depositaries according to the type of material. The current focal task of the scientific research comprises the preparation of permanent historical expositions. The research is oriented on supplementing collections and knowledge on key events and personalities in Slovak history.