The museum is located in the national cultural heritage monument Bojnice Castle in the Upper Nitra Valley. It belongs to the most significant monuments in Slovakia ranking among the most visited museums. Its principal aim is to document the history and the construction development of the castle, life of aristocracy in the past, present works of classical art, artistic crafts and artifacts from the period of historicism in Slovakia.

The collection fund of the museum comprises painting, sculpting and art and craft works from the Gothic period, Renaissance, Baroqu and Classicism as well as 19th century neo-styles. The collections contain samples of painting works by significant European painters such as Jacobo Jordaens, Carl F. Nuvoleone, Abraham Janssens, Leonardo Coccorante, Paulo de Vos, Jacques d´Arthois, the Bojnice altar by Nardo di Cione, sculptures by Dionýz Stanetti, etc. Interesting and valuable features are shooting and cold weapons from 17th and 18th century, Renaissance trunks, Baroque chests and also clocks made in the workshops of Viennese and Parisian masters. Of the textile collections, noteworthy is the large tapestry “Joseph and His Brothers” woven in Brussels at the beginning of the 17th century.

In addition, the visitor can visit a travertine cave under the castle, the Pálffy family tomb and the castle park with many rare foreign trees.